Game Economy


The Angrymals economy will blend elements of both traditional in-app purchase (IAP) and P2E economies, such that traditional gamers will be able to enjoy the game without blockchain, whilst crypto-savvy gamers are able to play the game for fun and earn tokens at the same time. The economic system will operate on the basis of the following resources:


Coins serve as the soft currency of the game. It is primarily obtained through winning matches and watching ads after a match, although it can also be earned via opening crates and gaining levels. Coins are used to unlock weapons and fortress slots, as well as banners - it is essentially a way for the player to manage development of their progress in the base game.


Gems serve as the hard currency of the game. It is primarily obtained through in-app purchases, with limited amounts available through completion of daily or weekly missions, opening chests, leveling up, participating in a Ranked season, and selling fortress designs in the Bazaar. Gems can be used instead of coins to unlock progress, allowing players to accelerate the content unlock process if they wish to pay. Additionally, Gems can be used to buy premium content which is only available through spending Gems, such as skins, banners, and top tier fortresses (as determined by the community)


Keys are used to unlock treasure crates, which randomly give gems, coins, experience and could unlock some content (weapon/race/block/skin/color set/banner). They are gained by winning the first match of every day, watching video ads, successfully inviting Facebook friends, and as a reward for a Ranked season. Keys act as an incentive for players to continue to log in everyday to play and watch video ads, and to invite more friends to join.

Chaos Orbs and Chaos Shards

Chaos Orbs and Chaos Shards are the core token currency of Angrymals around which the P2E economy is structured. The ecosystem and economic interactions will be discussed further later on in the Whitepaper

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