Angrymals: Aim, Smash, Repeat (Angrymals) is a free-to-play PvP action game inspired by Angry Birds and Worms, where players build fortresses to protect their team of 3 Angrymals, whilst using a variety of zany weapons to take down the other team of Angrymals.

Our vision is to build a fun and rewarding game that is easy to pick up and learn for the casual gamer, whilst offering significant strategic depth for the advanced player seeking to rise in the competitive leaderboard rankings. Through the integration of blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, the game will also offer a broad range of opportunities for players to earn tokens, create NFTs and trade them as a part of a virtual economy, receiving real monetary rewards for time invested playing in the game.

We envisage that combination of the two will create a strong, self-sustaining player ecosystem, as casual players join the game to have fun, whilst serious and P2E focused players compete to rise in rankings and optimise their winrate, leading eventually to the development of various competitive meta-strategies as players race against each other to find the best strategies and access the significant prize pools available to top-ranked players.

The P2E mechanics will be implemented via Chaos Orbs, which is the core token of Angrymals. There will be two ways to earn Chaos Orbs:

  • Players will be able to earn Chaos Shards in-game through various channels, such as by winning PvP matches, Tournaments, designing and selling popular fortress designs, amongst other ways. They can then be combined to create Chaos Orbs, however, the player must own an NFT in order to access the conversion functionality.

  • Chaos Orbs can also be earned directly through leaderboard rewards, provided directly to the top players of the ranked leaderboard at the end of each season. There may also be special cases where Chaos Orbs will be given out as part of an event or promotion.

The Chaos Orb token itself serves as both a utility token with multiple uses such as purchasing loot boxes, combining NFTs to upgrade them, and also as a governance token that enables holders to vote on governance issues. For example, it is expected that holders of Chaos Orbs will be eligible to vote on the order in which new content will be released, among other governance input opportunities.

Angrymals is being developed by Sionera Entertainment, a boutique Indie Italian game studio that has spent over 8 years developing and refining the core gameplay mechanics and content of Angrymals. It is being published by Catheon Gaming, the fastest growing blockchain gaming and entertainment company. Angrymals will be available to play on both Android and iOS devices starting from 1Q2022, with initial P2E functionality to be implemented by 2Q2022. Subsequent game development will then focus on releasing new content around competitive leaderboards and game modes, new Angrymal skins, cosmetics and other equipment, and other new content.

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