The first place to visit for some casual matches is the Arena. It allows you to quickly find some random opponent from all around the world that is ready for some action.

Here you can find 4 different modes, sorted from the quickest to the most challenging one.

  • Quick Brawl: this model is designed for super fast games from start to finish. Players don’t even need to choose their setup, since the weapons and Angrymals will be randomly selected. Both players will use the same race, fortress and weapons. There’s an overall damage boost for weapons, and Special Moves are charged super fast.

  • Skirmish: in this mode and all the subsequent ones, you will choose which Angrymals you are going to bring on the battlefield, along with their fortress and weapons. Only tiny fortresses are allowed in this mode, damage boost is still high, and Special Moves charge quite fast.

  • Battle: probably the most balanced game mode, this will allow some medium sized fortresses to be used.

  • Warfare: this is serious business! A mode designed for the connoisseurs of strategy and precision : players will have access to the biggest fortresses, and there are no damage nor special move boosts. These matches last way longer, but are super rewarding (both in terms of satisfaction when you win, but also in terms of earned coins & XP).

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