There are a huge amount of peculiar weapons in the game: they mix improbable items and crazy effects, such as exploding rubber chickens (with a pulley in the middle) or sperm whales falling from the sky.

Before starting a match, the player carefully assigns one of them to each of his/her own Angrymals, trying to balance firepower with shorter reloading times.

There are 4 damage types a weapon can inflict:

  • Impact: basic one - the faster the impact, the more damage is inflicted

  • Fire: building blocks can be set on fire, based on their material, and are damaged over time; at the end of each turn, more flammable blocks can spread the conflagration to nearby blocks

  • Electricity: upon impact, electricity will spread through all conductive blocks, hopefully reaching some Angrymals and damaging them

  • Explosion: explosions will both damage nearby blocks and fling them away; inside a specific range, all joints will be shattered

Stronger weapons require more turns to be reloaded and thus to be ready to be used again: it’s often a good practice to mix some slow but powerful weapons with some weaker ones that are always ready to shoot.

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