Play To Earn (P2E) Ecosystem


Chaos Orbs are the core currency for Angrymals. It will be scarce (fixed supply) and tradable on the the blockchain. Chaos Orbs will be represented in the game by Chaos Shards, an in-game currency that can be converted to Chaos Orbs by owning an NFT. It will be rewarded to players for participating in the game and winning tournaments. It will have multiple uses in the game, making it an important part of the overall ecosystem.

Angrymals is quirky and chaotic. Most of the lore cannot be explained by the laws of nature. This is because of Chaos, a powerful force capable of letting blenders shoot electric eels out of nowhere, or of having living hippos standing tall on their feet and dressed like Sailor Moon. When Chaos is channelled into Chaos Orbs, these orbs can be used to make “magic happen”: mix up crazy elements on an NFT, spawn Chaos Chests with phat loot, and so on. When winning tournaments or standing out as fortress creators, players have a chance to collect Chaos Shards: once you get enough of them, they can be joined to form a fully working Chaos Orb (if you have an NFT equipped)

Chaos Orbs will be an on-chain utility and governance token that will be available on our external web3 platform

Shards will be a new in-game currency that will be off-chain and able to be earned by all players

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