Fortress Designs

Once you get skilled enough, it’s time to craft your own fortresses.

By using the Workshop, you can assemble tons of building blocks and joints to build your dream fortress. Go for maximum protection, effectiveness, beauty or fun: the choice is yours!

A step-by-step tutorial will turn you into an adept craftsman in 5 minutes… but it will take a true master engineer with complete knowledge of the game mechanics to deliver a masterpiece!

Building blocks will have different materials, resistances, weight, and junk points value. You can also use joints to stick a couple of blocks together. The total junk point value of your fortress will determine its category, thus limiting the game modes in which it can be used. The higher it is, the more protection they offer.

There are several systems in place to avoid boring or lame fortresses. For instance, the higher off the ground your blocks or Angrymals are, the less junk points your fortress will cost. This is also dependent on how scattered your Angrymals are (the farther one from the other, the cheaper the entire fortress will be). There’s also a penalty for when you use too many identical blocks.

Some blocks, like the Fireworks Crate, will confer a discount on the junk points cost: use it carefully, though, ‘cause it’s highly explosive and can shoot fireworks if set on fire!

But wait, the best has yet to come: once you get good enough at designing fortresses, you can sell your own designs to other players in the Bazaar! You’ll earn Coins, Gems and even Chaos Shards for the best selling fortress designs!

At the end of each season, the most popular fortress designs will be forever enshrined in the Angrymals Altar of Champions! Designers will receive a large sum of Chaos Shards as a reward for designing such clever contraptions.

Who plays first?

When starting a new match, the player with the ‘cheaper’ fortress (less junk points value) will play first. If both players use the same fortress, the lower XP player is going to be the first.

In the Quick Brawl mode, in any subsequent match after the first one, the loser of the last match will play first.

To compensate for the advantage of shooting first, or the one of having a more expensive fortress (in terms of junk points), some bonus anger is provided to the disadvantaged player at the beginning of the match.

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