Races and Personalities

Angrymals Races

You can choose your Angrymals among several different races: each one will have different health and a unique special move that can be used in battle. Here are the list of the current races in the game:

These special moves range from defensive abilities (shield, healing, invisibility) to weird attacks that can wreak havoc on your opponent’s fortress (earthquakes, storms, flaming meatballs falling from the sky, cars & UFOs driven by a seagull…).

In order to unleash them, you need to collect anger: the more you damage your opponent's fortress, the more you get. Stronger special moves will require more anger than the less effective ones.

Angrymals Personalities

Each race shares the same three Angrymal types, as seen below. In terms of gameplay, they have different hit points (which are further modified by the racial HP modifier).

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