Use of Tokens

Chaos Shards will primarily be used to access the P2E functionality of the game, where players can bet a certain amount of Chaos Shards in head-to-head games, and the winner of the match takes all, less a percentage for house take. Similarly, they can be used to pay fees for tournament entry, where the top players would receive the pot consisting of all the Chaos Shards contributed by the player, less the house take. The game may decide from time to time to contribute extra shards to the pot, in order to promote the game and entice players to join.

Chaos Orbs will primarily be used to purchase Chaos Chests, directly acquire NFTs on the secondary market, or to pay the fee associated with merging to upgrade NFTs. It can also be used for staking and to take part in governance votes. They can also be converted back into Chaos Shards.

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