Overview of NFTs in the game

At the outset of design, we wanted to make one thing clear - none of the NFT items will have a direct impact on the players ability to win in matches against other players. NFT items will not affect PvP balance - it will not affect damage dealt to other players, damage resistance, etc, etc. This is purposely done to ensure that the competitive playing field remains the same for all players, regardless of the amount of money invested.

NFT items, skins will have the following benefits to players:

  • Aesthetic value: this will be the primary function of NFT items - they will look cool to the owner and the other players! NFT items will further boost the wacky, quirky appeal of the base Angrymal character. We may even take suggestions from the community for the next NFT to release!

  • Play to Earn functionality: Equipping blockchain NFTs will enable the player to convert their earned Chaos Shards into Chaos Orbs, and vice versa.

  • Improved earning efficiency and potential: Higher rarities of NFTs will grant a higher bonus to the in-game Chaos Shard earn rate. Additionally, higher rarity NFTs will enjoy lower transaction tax rates when converting between Chaos Orbs and Chaos Shards, and on marketplace transactions. They will also enjoy higher daily conversion limits and lower conversion cooldowns.

  • Access to prestige game modes: certain prestige tournaments may only be accessed by players that have a minimum rarity of NFTs e.g. only players with rare and above NFT banners may enter the tournament. Such tournaments will be held sparingly (once or twice per season), and they will have significant rewards - the most valuable of which are limited edition NFTs, which cannot be found in loot boxes, and is expected to have significant cosmetic improvements over standard NFTs

  • Additional effects: Higher rarity NFTs may change in-game graphical effects e.g. normal explosions will get additional special effects with pigeons flying

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